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May 31, 2017

I am a milk tea lover. It started with Chatime and is my favorite ever since. For the past few weeks though, I have been hearing Coco from some online friends a from one of my favorite youtubers - Shek. Coco's her favorite and I know I have to try this for myself.

SM North is our go-to mall especially when we stay at my partner's house. Coco Fresh Tea & Juice has been there since I do not know when. It's a bit hidden and we weren't really planning to buy here since we do not know it's there. 

What I tried: Pearl Milk Tea - 95Php (large)

There is nothing too special but this is definitely better than others I have tried (Pearl Milk Tea). I love the texture of the pearls - not overcooked and just the right stickiness to it. 

My partner tried the Panda Milk Tea for 100Php. Same base but the difference is that aside from the black pearls, it also has white smaller pearls. 

What I like about the place is it is cozy with yellow / orange-y tones. Warm and inviting. It has a bigger place than where I usually go to (Chatime).  When we went there - we were lucky enough with a free table but we weren't there for long. 

There's a bit of a crowd and line for the cashier but nothing too stressful. I will definitely go back to try other drinks. I am interested with the below:

1. Wintermelon Latte
2. Lemon Yakult Slush
3. Wintermelon with Grass Jelly

How about you, have you tried any of these? Let me know your thoughts!

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