Sooper Beaute - Tinte BB Cream

May 23, 2017

BB Creams are said to be perfect as this does not need any other product for your base. Usually it already is your primer - coverage - moisturizer - sunblock in one. 

I haven't been into BB Creams as I usually just put powder on my face on a day to day basis but let's make a first impression review on Sooper Beaute's Tinte BB Cream.

Sooper Beaute offers two shades - fair and medium. So if you are something in between - I guess you have to work your magic! As a morena - I normally mix both as the medium shade is too dark for my face. I also don't know if it's just my body because I think I am very acidic so any base I put on my skin tends to oxidize. 

This is how the packaging looks like. It is in a plastic screw cap jar and this has 10g of product. The consistency of this Tinte BB Cream is very thick. As you can see it claims to have velvety finish. 

A little goes a long way and it is not too sticky or tacky on the skin. Please note that I put this on without anything under to test how long this will last without caking (if ever) or without me oiling up.

I have normal-combination skin (which I just guessed - based on online information on how to check your skin type. I'll give you an update as soon as its final after I meet with a dermatologist) so there are parts of my face which are dry and sometimes patchy. My T-zone usually oils up first.

I also love that this has SPF20 as I am not much of a person to put sunblock first before anything else. (Yeah, yeah, I know I have to start taking intense skincare especially it is very hot outside!)

So as you can see this has a very thick consistency. I have tried to put this on and it lasted for more than 6 hours in my face in a normal humid day here in the Philippines. (Ha, humid is normal here!) For me, this has a light to medium coverage and I believe this is a bit buildable. But hey, the point here is a no make-up make up look / everyday look and that's perfect.

For only 220Php, you can use this for about 2-3 months I guess. Depending on how much you use and how often you'll use it. The downside here is - it only has 2 shades.


  • Even after testing this out - I still do not use this on a regular basis. I feel like since the finish is velvety - it's not too lightweight for me. I sweat a lot and I get to be irritated when I can feel that I have make-up on. Please take into consideration that I am a stay-at-home mom.
  • I do think that if you are working outside of  the comforts of your own home - this is not too shabby + the price point too.
  • Longevity-wise, this will last for a 9 to 5 shift especially when you are just inside the office and do not sweat as much as me. 
  • For mothers, college or high school students - I believe this is perfect as you will hit more than 2 birds in a stone without breaking your budget. 
  • This product is also naturally-made so for those who have sensitive skin - you will not have any problems with this. 
  • Would I recommend this to other ladies? Definitely.
Have you tried this product? Let me know what you think! :)

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