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May 28, 2017

The Station is located at 178 Maginhawa, Diliman, QC.  Amidst the hole-in-the-walls, food parks, food trucks opening in QC - I don't really know where to start anymore.

Last Friday, 12th of May, we were out for a quick run to our supplier in QC and we realized that we haven't had dinner yet. We drove around Malingap and Maginhawa to check places that aren't as jam packed as we expected because

1. It was a Friday Night
2. It was payday.
3. It was Payday Friday.

We really wanted to try One Fifty Maginhawa Food Park but nah, parking's full the food park seems to be full and we really just want somewhere we can eat and also try something new as well.

Just right after One Fifty Foodpark is The Station. There was no space for parking when we got there, but the guard suggested we can double park and he'll just call us if they need us to move the car. So we did.

This is how the stalls of a food park normally looks like. So the tables are in the center of the space and you'll be surrounded of different stalls. Since we were there for a quick bite - we weren't able to check out all stalls and what they offer. 

PS: We will surely go back there. 

The highlight of my night were these 

These are lychee-flavored juice in a light bulb-like container which is really really huge! This is only 80Php each and is good for sharing. My boyfriend and I were really thirsty so we ordered 1 for each. I almost emptied it, btw. I am a sucker for anything lychee/peach, so I really loved this drink.

This drink is offered at Sachi's Fortune (Modern Cuisine)

PS. The lightbulb-like jar was big. See these photos for your reference.

I do think it's worth the buy for only 80Php - if you have a bit of a budget for drinks.

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