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May 27, 2017

After I got pregnant and had a child, a lot - due to stereotype - expected that I will get married soon. 
Sadly, NO. That is not our case. My pregnancy came as a wonderful surprise gift from God. Being in that position, at that time, was already too much for me to think about wedding preparations, if marrying is the right thing to do, if I was ready for a bigger commitment, etc. 

In my honest opinion - why would people judge you for not being married with a child. Every one wants to have a perfect, everything-is-going-as-planned life, right? If not - even just in the back of your mind - then I totally respect you. 

And to be honest, life has no rules

I also wanted to be settled, have enough life savings, get married, be a wife and then be a mom. That's what we always plan for, yes? That was the process I know when I was growing up. When we had Miguel - everything changed. 

Our main priority is to save up and make sure to provide for our son. We never talked about marriage and stuff. We know we'll get there. We just don't talk about it much. Maybe because, we do not see it coming in the near future. 

I just want to make sure, that when he asks me that famous question - there is no doubts, no holding backs. We are 100% sure that no matter what our tomorrow will bring - we'll choose to face it together. Every day of our lives.

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