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June 04, 2017

I am a mother of a 2 year old boy. He's the reason for every thing I do. He made my life challenging but worth it. I wouldn't back down for some challenge - as long as I have my little man with me. 

Typically, I would say to myself not to spoil him. I cannot help myself. I want to give my son everything I can. I would.

I don't have "rest days" I work 5 days a week as a customer support and 7 days a week as a mom. The 2 days off I have I give it full time to my son. I make sure that we go out. I make sure that he will experience what I experienced as a child.

I will take him out to dates in any fast food chain he would fancy. Take him to a vacation - may it be in a beach, a rest house or just go to some places where he would definitely enjoy. 

I am not spoiling him. I am giving him what I think is best for him. I am making him live his life the way I would have lived mine. While I am the one who is still deciding for what's best. 

I don't care if my face is full of saliva with his numerous kisses. Or I can't work properly because he wants to sit on my lap and watch while I do my thing. Or when I have to take a break just because he wants me to look at him while he's playing, or talking to me - telling stories, take him to the restroom, and he wants me to specifically do things for him. When he can't and won't sleep if it's not me beside him.

When he gets older - I sure hope this will stay the same. And if not, I am happy that I had how many years (4 or 5) with him and only him. 

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