O Ga Ne | Date Night with Titas

June 03, 2017

303 Tomas Morato Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
Open 24 Hours

My friends and I had a spontaneous meet last Saturday. They were actually planning to go somewhere South - Tagaytay to be specific. :D We were free to meet late at night and with the rainy weather - we feel like it won't really work.  We were looking for open restaurants even the wee hours. We want to have a nice view, so Antipolo was one of our first choices. We couldn't find something that is relaxing, without a bucket of beer. 

Being Titas of Manila that we are - we searched for places we can hang out and maybe eat a late night dinner. My friends thought of korean food - which is somewhat perfect for the weather as well. I am not a huge fan of this cuisine. I only eat chapchae, bibimbap and samgyeopsal. The rest - I am not really fond of. Kimchi is too much for my liking - but tried them, yes.

I definitely would go for an unlimited samgyeopsal but it was too late and one of house rules was:

All diners in the table should get the unlimited promo. If not, then those who got it should be seated separately to avoid confusion. 

Some of my friends are not in the mood as well - so we ordered platters. You can have a refill of the side dishes. We ordered 3 samgyeopsal platters + 2 bibimbaps and a miso soup. I think we were 9 in the group in total and we paid for around 280Php. 

I am disappointingly not full - because like what I said I am not into veggies like this but I gave it a shot. I tried some and it is not bad. Sadly, I will still go for HwaRoRo that offers Korean buffet for 399Php. 

Anyways, I like that this restaurant is 24 hours so if you really love to eat Korean food and you are near the area . this is the place to be. It's like the normal korean place you'd go to. Not a fancy one. 

What I do not like were:

1. No exhaust fans. I was having a bad cough that night so I was trying my best not to breathe. Haha. Or maybe not to inhale as much smoke as I can because I do not want to cough like a dog. 

2. Smoking (cigarettes) is not prohibited inside, or maybe it is but they just did not notice others smoking? There were groups beside us having a late night drink and most of them were smoking inside the restaurant. I do think that if you are not keen with second-hand smoking, you will not like this.


Do you have any suggestions of Korean restaurants? I will love to try it.
Have you tried O Ga Ne as well, what are your thoughts?

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