Sweet Blooms

June 14, 2017

I am not into sweets nor into flowers (bouquets to be specific). I seldom receive those and I do not ask for it as well. Might as well treat me on a movie night or a foodie night instead.

Birthdays, Valentines, Anniversaries - in my 24 years I can count with the fingers in just a hand the times I have received this as a gift or a surprise. People either have no means or know me too much.

Never in my life I would be much, much happy when I actually bought this for myself last Mother's day gave it to my son and when he gave it back to me. I know it's silly but it was just pure joy. 

I unlocked one of my greatest achievements when I had my son. I am more than happy to mother a child. I am contented with where my life is heading right now as long as I am with him. I am excited to buy more flowers and sweets and give it to my son. I am looking forward to the day when my son would give it all back to me - not out of being forced to do so but just wanting to.

My son will be my forever sweet. <3 p="">

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