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July 01, 2017

"The Best Flame Grilled Gourmet Burgers in town. 100% Healthy. 100% Irresistibly Delicious."
Address: Felix Ave, Cainta, 1900 Metro ManilaPhone: (02) 217 8086

I have always been a burger-kind-of-person. I am goggling over American-themed shows in the Food Channel with monster burgers and hotdogs and stuff. I love flame-grilled burgers, oozing with natural juices of the patty with lots of melting cheese.

Without further ado - let's talk about HID Burgers..
HID Burgers along Felix Avenue is our go-to place when we want good burgers and a great night as well. I usually go here with my friends have a bottle or two with some potato wedges or a bite of their scrumptious burgers. 

Ain't this oozing with yummy-ness?
I love cheese - like most of the people I know. 
I also love potato wedges over french fries.

One premium burger + sides + a bottle of beer = Perfect Night.

Have you tried H.I.D. Burgers?
What do you think?

Credits to: http://wallpaperpulse.com

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